Beginning to Loath The IEP

As special needs parents, we all find ourselves fighting for our children. (Even ‘typical’ parents do.) Adam and I often look at each other and comment that raising a special needs child shouldn’t be so hard. Why are there so many hoops to jump through? I’m tired just trying to keep up with the girls.

You also might be wondering why I’m thinking about an IEP at all. Jillian is only 3 years old. Doesn’t seem like I need an IEP yet. However, since Ontario works differently, kids enter school at 4. I sent Lauren off to school 2 weeks ago. 1 more year will just fly by, I’m sure.

Upon registering Lauren for school, I asked the secretary what their process was about special needs children. She said I needed to make an appointment ASAP with the principle. ASAP?! I had a simple question! She then went on to tell me that they might not be equipped for a special needs child. Um.. Pardon me? That definitely wasn’t the answer I was looking for.

Since Lauren has started school, I get mixed feelings about her teacher. Actually no. Scratch that. I don’t really like her. But I’m trying to find something positive. Since there are 27 kids in Lauren’s class, they also have an ECE (Early Childhood Educator) and I have gotten pretty close with her. Actually, if it weren’t for her, I’d be taking Lauren out of that class.

On Thursday, Lauren’s school had a curriculum night. At first I wasn’t going to be able to attend since I had prior commitments, but thankfully they worked themselves out. Upon entering the gym, I saw Lauren’s ECE sitting along the back wall. I decided to sit with her for a bit. We got talking and I had mentioned what the secretary said. She looked at me and said “Uh. No. That’s not right. She deserves to be in the same school as Lauren” After explaining that most of Jillian’s problems were gross motor skills, ¬†she said that doesn’t matter. I guess I need to start killing the school with kindness.

Fingers crossed we’ll come to a conclusion. To be perfectly honest with you, IEP’s sound so complicated and scary. Hopefully it’ll turn out for the better when I’m aware of whats happening. It’s that fear of the unknown thing, I’m sure.

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