Christmas Chaos and Peer Advocacy

Family is visiting from out of town, it is the end of the fiscal year (lots of bookkeeping to do for clients), and to top it all off little girl is sick with some strange stomach bug that evidently is contagious since one of the cousins caught it, too. As I type I am also making lunch for the healthy ones and monitoring the sick ones and trying to keep the child on track routine-wise and social skill-wise. Not much time to write, in other words…

So for this week I’ll just share something that I wanted to share here anyway. I had my first guest post over at my personal blog last week. It is the story of a good friend who did some peer-advocacy for her son who is in first grade and has autism. Please head over here to read the first half  and follow the link at the  bottom to read the second half. It is a great example of how parents can reach out to their community to add support for their children.

Here’s hoping your end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 is going better than mine.

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