Signs of the Special Needs Mom…

1. When attempting to dress up, for the rare occasion that you are leaving your house for something other than a doctor’s appointment, you notice that your makeup expired in 2006.

2. You use the makeup anyway.

3. Not only do you use the makeup, but you add water to the dried up mascara and eyeliner.

4. This concoction then runs down your face making you look like a raccoon and you cannot seem to find anything that will work to get the makeup off of you. And you still don’t care.

5. You can’t have an adult conversation. Other people talk about their children’s antics, and you can’t imagine what that must be doing to their sensory systems….

6. You do not EVER leave the house without your arsenal—Giant bottle of hand sanitizer, Lysol, Clorox wipes, masks, gloves, and extras of everything (just in case).

7. IEP meeting are no longer scary. You laugh in the face of the IEP. You OWN the IEP. You may happen to sing a song that may or may not go “I’m down with IEP (yeah you know me!)”…as you ready yourself for battle.

8. When friends tell you how tired they are, you resist the urge to choke them.

9. You’re so used to people not “getting” what you deal with that you have thought about moving to an abandoned island with all the special needs mom’s you know.

10. You think you have the world record for being able to get a child in a car seat, put a wheel chair in the trunk, and get yourself buckled in.

11. You know every place in town that has anything remotely accessible.

12. You refer to Chuck E. Cheese and Monkey Joe’s (or the mall play area) as the “Pit of Doom.”

13. You’re on a first name basis with the DME. They know your voice when you call.

14. You’ve been kicked out of the social security office. (true story)

15. You can read this list, and relate…

Got more? Help me add to it!


This is a re-post from last June, but it was one of my favorites of the year! The comments are awesome! I’ll be back next week with new and exciting adventures! Happy New Year!

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