Getting a Grip

I probably should know better than to write a post late at night when I’m barely still awake and most of my thoughts are trending toward a rather negative vein. However, if I procrastinate (again) I’ll be posting late (again) and I’m tired of that trend, too. Just be aware there will be no sugar-coating.

Yes, once again I am feeling rather stretched thin. Just considering what is going on with my kiddos leaves me pretty drained – forget the work I’m supposed to do, the things I want to pursue, and all the usual maintenance items.

The child outwardly is doing well. At school she is hanging in there behavior-wise, but academically she is struggling more with math and writing. Reading is getting somewhat easier, but she is still behind the curve there, too, I think. At home she vacillates between doing exactly what I want with a simple request to lots of stomping, yelling, nagging, and threats – on both sides. I can always tell something is amiss when she ends up at church without shoes on, which happened this past Sunday.

Little boy is still struggling with his phonology, though I think there has been some improvement. He has now reached a developmental stage in which he needs to show that he is “big.” In his mind this means he should get his way – in everything from when to eat to when to use the bathroom. This leads to more than a few confrontations between two strong-willed people, and a fair amount of laundry.

Little girl has never quite recovered, at least emotionally, from her stomach bug. Add it to her growing list of anxieties (toileting, dark, etc…) Last night she was convinced she was sick again. I spent another night on the couch with her and coaxed her all day today to eat. No sign of actual illness. I think all of her worries are affecting her tummy. Maybe she has a little reflux or something. I think it is too vague to pursue with the pediatrician –¬†add another check mark in my “overly-concerned” column.

So I’m trying to get a grip on all of it.

Stay tuned…one of these days I’ll get back to a more positive note, I promise.

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