On Validation…

So, we are finally settling in and making life work.

Part of that means we had to get all Jack’s records and get them transferred to new physician’s here. That was a ton of fun. (rollllllls eyes)

However, the most interesting thing happened.

We took Jack to his new GI on Friday and she…


asked questions.

didn’t suggest we shove food down his throat.

validated our feelings.

Did you catch that? She validated what we have been doing/thinking/feeling for FIVE years! She told us we were right to fight with the other GI.

Why does it have to be this way? Why can’t doctors understand that we actually know what’s going on with our children! We aren’t fly by night parents. We are the ones deep in the trenches, pulling for the underdog!

What can we do team?

(I’ve missed you! We are still unpacking and trying to remember where we’ve put stuff, but we are here, and here is a great place to be.)

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