Too Much to Ask?

I had a meeting today with various members of our support team at school. I was trying to understand more about what is going on with the child’s writing, and basically learned nothing. “She’s doing fine. Yes, we acknowledge the struggle that writing, and indeed any expression of language is for her, but she’s meeting benchmarks, or close enough, so…”

So basically she hasn’t fallen far enough behind to warrant further…whatever the next step would be. We have to wait until she’s flailing. Flailing is bad for this child…(well for any child, but this one tends to respond with physical aggression)…Why is this so hard to understand and avoid?

I feel like I’m just constantly pushing, pushing, pushing for them to do more, to understand more, to listen more. I feel this even though I don’t think I’m the squeakiest wheel out there. Overall I’m amazed at how well the child has been doing since being forcibly transferred to this school. Maybe they think I should leave well enough alone? Should I just be satisfied?

I think like every other parent I just want her to have the best shot possible at fulfilling her true potential. The challenge is that to help her reach that potential she’s going to need a little more support and skilled teaching. Is it too much to ask?


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