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Too Much to Ask?

I had a meeting today with various members of our support team at school. I was trying to understand more about what is going on with the child’s writing, and basically learned nothing. “She’s doing fine. Yes, we acknowledge the struggle that writing, and indeed any expression of language is for her, but she’s meeting…

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Treading Two Paths

I was so hoping this year to focus on building social scaffolding for the child at school. I’m dreaming of setting up a circle of friends who will know, understand, and advocate on her behalf as her differences become more apparent to her peers. I am just beginning the process of working out what that…

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Dyslexia Awareness Month

October is Dyslexia awareness month. Did you know that Dyslexia can manifest in different ways? My oldest daughter, who is 17, has Dysgraphia…you only see the signs of dyslexia in her writing. When she was younger; letters were backwards, her handwriting was very difficult to read, and her spelling was VERY unconventional. My youngest daughter,…

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