Weddings (and other such events)

Tomorrow my brother is getting married.

In a quiet, small gathering.

On a boat.

At Disney World.


Now, while most people think this sounds romantic and lovely, I am a nervous wreck. My brother loves my son no matter what; however, if he decides to melt down or scream or narrate the entire event, I fear he’ll never speak to me again!

So, to make myself feel better, I tried to think of all the ‘What If’ moments that could happen, so that when something minor happens, I won’t freak out. It doesn’t make any sense to anyone but me, but that is OK.

* I could accidentally take out my mother in her beautiful gown while trying to navigate the wheelchair down the aisle.

* Jack could barf on the table when he sees all the food (he’s been known to do that at home).

* He could growl at everyone–because that’s awesome. It is his current favorite thing to do…we go out, he growls at anyone who walks by. Totally appropriate, right?

* I could get stuck in the elevator.

* (I could go on)…


I often wonder if “normal” families worry about things like this. Do they worry that someone will be sick there and that their kid will get ill? Do they worry that their child may scream and ruin a perfectly lovely day? Do they wonder how others will look at them?

And why, for crying out loud, do I care so much?

Is it because I want to make my mom proud? Or because I want my brother to have the perfect day? Or because I want my Almost Sister-in-Law to not hate me?

Keep us in your thoughts for tomorrow…5 PM Eastern.. ha!

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