Photographing Children [with Special Needs]

You are a parent with an adorable kid [kids] and a digital camera in your hands. You are capturing every waking, and often sleeping, moment possible…yet the images captured are not exactly as envisioned at the moment of click.

If you are the parent of a child [children] with special needs, you understand there are sometimes factors beyond the norm which make photo sessions, whether candid or planned, even more challenging.

Any heads nodding yes?

Honestly, when photographing any child the majority of considerations are the same regardless of whether or not special needs are involved. Still, there are issues specific to photographing children with special needs.

Some of you may recall that I began this blog column several months ago.  Life events conspired to halt the photography column.

I now have everything under control. You see the humor in that statement, right?

Each Tuesday there will be a post about photographing children and, when warranted, information particular to children with special needs. The column will be informational, creative and interactive…that means you must be actively involved for it to succeed.

The plan is to include:

  • informational posts about photography basics
  • creative shooting ideas and techniques
  • artistic, fun assignments
  • photographers as guest bloggers
  • questions and suggestions from you
  • sharing our photos [we’ll have a flickr group]
  • and, of course, a bent toward special needs children

All parents [and others] with the goal of learning to better photograph children are invited to participate.

The weekly column begins May 26.

What do you think?
What photography questions or topic suggestions do you have?

Melody is also at Slurping Life sharing photos and a few words from her special life.

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