Hospital Homebound


It’s happening around here. Some of the counties near where we live have already returned to recess, brown bag lunch, and smiling teachers. We…start Monday.

Well, my daughter starts Monday. My friend’s children start Monday.

Jack. Not so much.

See, we qualified for Hospital Homebound (HH). Basically, this is a school within a school. It has its own principal, teachers, guidance counselors, etc. Three times a week a teacher comes to my house and hangs out with Jack. Speech therapy and Physical therapy will visit him at home as well. However, it’s under the confines of the MotherSchool, which is the elementary that we are zoned for. (You still following me?)

HH requires a doctor’s note, medical records, and an IEP–all of which we have. And by have, I mean, I have his IEP, but The MotherSchool hasn’t updated it since we moved and so, he technically has no IEP. After calls and emails and days of stress, HH called yesterday to tell me that they are ready, but we are waiting for MotherSchool to set up the IEP.

Wanna hear the kicker? Last night I got a call from Ms. Ruby, the bus driver. She wanted to know where to pick him up on Monday.

That’s when I almost lost my religion.

So, while everyone gets to go to school and have that first day of wonder, Jack gets to wait to see when they’ll do his IEP, and I get to worry that I’m going to get arrested for my truant┬ákindergartner.

Who’s bailing me out?

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