Going on vacation with a kid who has special needs

As you read this, we’re en route back from our Disney cruise on The Magic. Last year, we took the kids to Disney World, and they were so enchanted we decided to do something Disney again.

Taking Max on vacation is sometimes a little unnerving, as we don’t know how he’s going to react to certain situations. For instance, I thought he would love the rides, and be terrified of the characters. As you can see, he did not have characterphobia. Not one bit. He was, however, scared of the rides. Even It’s A Small World. He cried the whole way through, his wails drowned out by the singing little dolls. (Hopefully, he will not need therapy as an adult because of the experience!)

Disney is absolutely amazing in terms of accommodating kids with special needs. Max wigs out in crowds, and they gave us a special pass that allowed us to bypass the lines. Can’t say I minded that.

In general, I’ve been amazed at how welcoming hotels and resorts can be. I always call ahead and speak with the manager about camp and childcare for Max, and so far, so good. 

What have your experiences been in terms of traveling with your children?

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