Week Two: Around the Blogosphere Special Needs Style

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…in my house this week, it meant endless auto racing viewing opportunities, if you were so inclined.

Yea….I? Was not. So, instead I popped open the laptop for week 2 of Around the Blogosphere Special Needs Style. And lookie here…ask and ye shall receive, that fancy schmancy button we asked for last week, we got! Spiffy, huh?


A few cool things going on…

Autismfamily has an awesome giveaway going on until May 31 on VizZle Visual Learning Software. I have to say, this software looks amazing!

Thoughts from Holland has announced she is soon launching a Blog Talk Carnival on Tuesdays. Go check it out!

There is a unique group of special needs kids. These kids are called Twice Exceptional, they are gifted while simultaneously coping with a learning disability. Robyn shares her journey with her 2E child over on her blog The Best is Yet to be for Me and My 2E.

Last, but by no means least, Michelle has a super cool book giveaway going on, but you only have until 5/28 to go enter. So, go! Whatcha waiting for?

Oh, wait, before you go, pop your very own link into our handy dandy Mr Linky so we can all come visit your cool giveaways, interviews, great posts, etc. Please feel free to email me with anything cool you want to share.

Apparently the evening race was called on account of rain, so my husband knows I am here again…see ya next week. Don’t forget to share your bloggy good stuff with us and Mr Linky.

Believe in Mandy

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