Blog Review

Hi de ho there!

here, the foreigner. I’ve nipped over from “home” to attempt another review at 5 Minutes for Special Needs Moms.

Can a week have already passed? Apparently it has but as we sneak towards the break up of school everything seems to speed up. Before too long you will be relieved to hear that I shall be making my annual pilgrimage en famille to “England” so you’ll be sure of a fortnight of respite from these critical reviews.

Curiously it seems that there are still some people on the blogosphere willing to volunteer for a toasting. Those lovelies were as follows:-

“Jeannie” who blogs at “The Adventures of Mr. Busy Pants”

Then there was “Kristina” who blogs at “”

Nextly, we have “Kajoli” who blogs over at “Dry Cappucino” otherwise known as “Floortime Lite Mama.”

Then there’s “Ricki’s Mom” who blogs over at “Beneath the Wings.”

Not to forget “Lily “ who blogs at “Lily’s Life is Great.”

Then there’s “Lisa” at “Irish Autism Action.”

In addition there was “Laura” who blogs at “Adventures in Juggling” and “Kristin” who blogs at “The days of my life.”

Did I leave anybody out? Tell me if I left you out and I shall correct myself forthwith. I think that’s all nine of the brave folks willing to participate.

So, who to choose? I consulted “everyone” had a very “vocal” opinions, all vaguely along the lines of fairness which I planned to “avoid.”

Hence, randomly chosen for your pleasure and my indulgence we have a winner, namely, “Laura” who blogs at “Adventures in Juggling”

So on to “Laura” What do we know about this woman? Well, for one thing, she’s busy, very, very “busy.”
It’s usually best to allow people to describe themselves as then you can pick holes in their attitude and rip them to shreds. Hence, Laura describes herself as follows:-

‘with five kids, a grandchild, a husband and a career as a NICU RN, what else would I be doing but juggling?’

So I set off on a fact finding mission to see what “dirt” I could find to fling at her or any “nasty” little secrets.

She “Twitters” too! You can follow her “here.”

I was also interested to see that she’s a “witty” mum too, as I also got that score but I hit the wrong button and it disappeared without a trace so full marks to Laura for being a technical genius.

That said, I now know that she’s almost a “local” so in the interests of self preservation I shall shut up.

So that’s all for now. If you have a free mo, you could always nip on over to “Laura” at “Adventures in Juggling” and say ‘hi de ho’ to her for me, as that I believe is what friendly Americans say. Tell her I sent you an invitation “Laura” a virtual one “Adventures in Juggling”

Meanwhile, if you would like me to whizz over to your place and submit yourself to similar annihilation, just let me know! You could always have a chat with “Tammy” from “Praying for Parker,” but she is foreign so there’s no guarantee that she’ll understand a word of your complaint.

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