How to Create Great Social Stories

                                       Cindy Golden


Don’t you just LOVE social stories? They are wonderful ways of teaching basic social skills to children with special needs. They are really easy to create using small photo albums and photos of the child but have you ever thought about creating one from the wonderful books you find at department stores?
Look at this cute idea for creating a Social Story with books you can buy at a department store…
1. Get a book that tells a story that you could use to teach a skill: going to sleep, going to school, going to the dentist, toilet training, etc.

2. Take digital photo of your student/child. Run the photos off in different sizes. You can also run it off on Full Sheet Labels-that way you can cut them out and they stick.

3. Next run off the student’s name in different sizes.

4. Now go through the book and place the photos over the pictures of the child in the book.

5. Go through the book and place the child’s printed name over the name of the child in the book.

6. You now have a personalized book – one that will not only teach a skill but is a personalized social story.
Now, I want you to think about all of the skills you could teach:
Personal Space
Good Manners
Conversation Skills
Being a Good Friend
Helping Others
Next time you go to a department store or book store, think outside the box – grab your digital camera and create a personalized social stories for your child with special needs.
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