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Hi de ho there!

here, an interloper. I’ve popped over from “home” to attempt another review at 5 Minutes for Special Needs Moms.

I feel it’s only fair to warn you that I am feeling particularly vicious this weekend, must be something to do with the 94 degree heat that we are currently experiencing in sunnily fried California.

Interestingly, quite a few people volunteered for a toasting last week, much to my astonishment. Those lovelies were as follows:-

“Jeannie” who blogs at “The Adventures of Mr. Busy Pants” a confusing title if ever I read one. Always willing to put myself in harms way, I would offer to translate this to other foreigners such as me, as one or more of the following:-

a] the adventures of Master busy trousers / leggings / pantaloons
b] the exploits of a youthful active minor, undoubtedly male
c] the survival story of his maternal carer
d] none of the above

You tell me? I should love to be enlightened as accuracy is very important at 5 Minutes. [So they say]

Then there was “Kristina” who blogs at “” a mighty blog indeed that fortunately needs no translation as even feeble foreigners can understand that one. Luckily “Kristina” has the biggest brain in the “Blogosphere” and needs no further introduction or in the alternative, I prostrate myself at your teeny tiny “feet.”

Nextly, if memory serves me well, on a good day with there is an R in the month, we have “Kajoli” who blogs over at “Dry Cappucino” otherwise known as “Floortime Lite Mama.” As she says, ‘Normal is just a setting on the dishwasher’ so I am very much inclined to agree with her, but I’m a bit biased like that, probably because we both spend an inordinate amount of time grovelling around on the floor with our children, although I believe she does it much more elegantly than me.

Then there’s “Ricki’s Mom” who blogs over at “Beneath the Wings.” She’s another soapbox mum just like me with a fabulous sense of humour to knock yours socks off.

Next up is “Lily “ who blogs at “Lily’s Life is Great,” where she ensures that she exploits life to the full rather than the other way around.

Then there’s “Lisa” at “Irish Autism Action.” This is most fortunate as for all intents and purposes, or rather, for all those on the American continent, the Irish, Celts, Welsh and Scots are more or less interchangeable, as we hail from a scattering of tiny Islands that once ruled the world, so no further translations are required. In fact I think this would be my choice as I’ve already mentioned my “bias” so why try and hide it?

That said, I should at least attempt to appear impartial.

So, who to choose? I consulted with “Tammy” about who to pick but then ignored her advice.

I mentioned my dilemma during dinner one evening and found that “everyone” had a very “vocal” opinions, all vaguely along the lines of fairness which I planned to “avoid.” ‘First come first served’ seemed the simplest option but apparently that would be greatly unfair and thoroughly un-American. What would I know? So after much ado about nothing, we opted for the random ‘ticket out of a hat’ version which is probably just as well as we need more practice at ‘random.’

Hence, randomly chosen for your pleasure and my indulgence we have a winner, namely that terrifying woman, “Jeanie.” Now see! What was the point of all that randomness if it ended up being the first commenter anyway?

So much for random.

So on to “Jeanie.” What do we know about this woman? Well one thing you may not have already picked upon is that she teaches writing! Be still my beating heart. I’m tempted to whizz over there and beat some tips out of her, but I’ll resist as this is for ‘5 Minutes,’ where acts of violence are not generally encouraged.

What else? Well if you didn’t know that she teaches writing, and now you do, you may not know that she actually teaches at three Chicago-based colleges, both online and face-to-face. What a lot she must know. What a big brain she must have. However, that is more than wiped out by her inability to do links, so I’ll do that bit for her. Honestly, why do I have to do everything myself?

So “look” there she is, in the flesh. Forget the photo of cute mum and kiddo, look at the “shield,” isn’t that impressive? There again in the motherhood stakes, things are beginning to look a bit dodgy. Look carefully at the photograph again, not the mother but that adorable infant. Do you see where she’s parked him? Right next to that word…..’wolf’…..I ask you, some people! Doesn’t she know that ‘wolf’ is a trigger word? There again, perhaps I’m muddling her cute bundle of fun with one of my own little treasures.

Not to worry, I’m sure that their tails are just fine and they didn’t get skewered by splinters from the bench.

So that’s all for now. If you have a free mo, you could always nip on over to “Mama Busy Pants” and say ‘hi de ho’ to her for me, as that I believe is what friendly Americans say. Tell her I sent you an invitation and maybe you could offer to remove the splinters from those very “busy pants.”

Meanwhile, if you would like me to whizz over to your place and submit yourself to similar annihilation, just let me know! You could always have a chat with “Tammy” from “Praying for Parker,” but she is foreign so there’s no guarantee that she’ll understand a word of your complaint.

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