A Letter To Our Occupational Therapist

Dear OT,

My son absolutely can and does reach across midline, on a regular basis, spontaneously during regular play.

Oh. You need proof, eh?


Here is Parker bearing weight on his left hand while crossing his midline with his right hand to correctly place the puzzle piece.

And the reverse:


And, yes, my son can crawl. I’d be more than happy to show you if I could figure out how to use the damn video function on my camera.

Oh. Wait. I guess in your book not being able to figure that out classifies me as being severely cognitively delayed.

Just like Parker.

Mr. Occupational Therapist, has anyone ever pointed out to you that your lack of skill in engaging my son is by no means a reflection on HIS abilities?

You may want to take a moment…..or longer…..to ponder that.


Parker’s Mom

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