Show Us The Photos, Special Exposure Wednesday

If this is the first you have heard of Special Exposure, read Welcome to Special Exposure Wednesday then come back to this post and show us the photos.

Lee, who rocks my world like no other and hugs my heart like no other.

Link up with Mr. Linky, read the news below and visit each other’s photos for inspiration. Remember to give a little comment love everywhere you go…including here. 😉

We have a Special Exposure Wednesday Flickr group. Yes we do!

We can make Special Exposure a community where parents of children with
special needs get to know each other and share our lives through photography. What better way to do that than sharing here each Special Exposure Wednesday and adding photos to a community photo pool?

At the Special Exposure Wednesday Flickr pool each member may post up to three photos per day. Flickr is free to join for a basic account and joining the group is as easy as a couple of clicks. (Posting to the Flickr group is not required to participate in Special Exposure Wednesday.)

After you share today on Mr. Linky above and in comments below…click over to our Flickr group, join, add your today’s photo, and share some more. Please tag each photo you post to the group special exposure.

Let the photo sharing fun begin!

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