Try This Tuesday #52:

Try This Tuesday

Today I wanted to share another great online resource that I have heard about recently, called

Here’s the basic concept of the site, as stated by the founder:

Does anyone else use YouTube videos with their ASD kids?

We use YouTube videos with my son both as reinforcers and as a self-guided leisure activity. The actual YouTube website was too difficult for him to use so I made him a little web page with links to his favorite videos. He watches various short Disney and Dr. Seuss videos, etc.

It worked so well that I created a little website where anyone could create their own YouTube playlist. I thought it would be useful for the general SPED community (and for anyone else who wants to make their own video playlist).

I checked out the site for myself and found it very easy to use. After quickly signing up for my free account, I was able to search for my desired topic of YouTube videos and view/select them right from the search screen.

In addition to adding videos to your playlist, you can organize them within categories which you create. You are also able to personalize your playlist page by changing the colors and fonts and even adding a background image.

There are a variety of other options, including such useful things as limiting the number of times a video can be played in a session and even setting a time limit for how long the session can last.

What a great concept and user-friendly execution! I think my son will actually enjoy putting together his own playlist (under my supervision, of course, so that we stay on the more appropriate parts of YouTube as we look for his favorites). 🙂

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