People are listening…and watching

I woke up the other day (did I mention I’ve been getting up early?) and found this text on my phone:

You are a rockin mom.

And then I read below:

Thanks to me paying attention to you I was able to handle a lost Autistic child.

This was from my very good friend whom I have known for years. My kids call him Uncle A. He works for a company that sees its share of children. And because of what he’s seen watching us raise Spiff and the things I send on Twitter about Autism and books I have, he was able to help a child that might have flummoxed him or his team. The encounter could have gone very negatively, but instead went very well for all involved. Including my boys’ Uncle. Most importantly, for that child.

So all of you out there who wonder if people are paying attention and watching what we do to help our own children?

The answer is a very optimistic yes.

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