Now both of my kids are in OT

Having two kids means four times more work than one. When both kids are in therapy, everything is four times harder than that. We started the two-in-occupational-therapy schedule when school got out. It looked to be a short-term thing, she just needed help with her handwriting. That was wishful thinking sprinkled with a dash of denial.

Denial is strong emotion. “There is no way that both of my kids have issues” was the first barrier. All my complaining about how she can’t complete tasks didn’t get past “I know ADHD runs in my family and most of them live productive lives with medication.” It feels so backward because she is the elder child and in second grade.

After a sensory profile and some soul-searching, we begin the process of evaluations. We have an service referral in with the school and we will visit the pediatrician in a couple weeks. Gulp.

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