A Season For Change

I’ve loved my time as managing editor here at 5 Minutes For Special Needs.

Raising the bar for how those with special needs are viewed and accepted by society will always be my passion.

But right now I have to turn my time and attention to another passion.

My family.


Parker is one expensive kid. Adorable, but really expensive.

And the state of Utah tends to use both Medicaid funding and Education to balance their budget deficits.

The irony of this hits home each time I hear one of my state Reps declare that children are a priority in this state.

While I can’t save the world (and if it were somehow possible I’m the type who would spend every minute trying), my time and efforts now need to go towards saving my own sinking ship.

I need to turn my energies towards bringing in some much needed funds.

Anybody know of any great work at home opportunities?

But more importantly I need to turn my attention to trying to discover reasons for the utterly disappointing (and kinda terrifying) results from Parker’s heart cath results from last Friday.


Starting this week we begin again, almost from scratch. A calendar full of appointments with specialists, sleep studies, and new testing on Parker’s lungs in hopes to find the reason he isn’t oxygenating his blood the way he should.

It’s all a bit overwhelming for an already exhausted Mama.

And so leadership for 5 Minutes For Special Needs is being turned over to the amazing and competent Shash.

There is no doubt in my mind that great and wonderful things will be happening here at 5 Minutes For Special Needs. The team here is nothing less than top notch.


Parker and I will still be around some…. you know…. between doctor appointments, sleep studies, and lung testings. And we’ll still be hanging out at Praying For Parker as well as on Twitter as @ParkerMama.

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