Even more special needs Mommy confessions


• I get excited when Max feeds himself. Then I try to get my husband to clean up the mess.

• There’s a family with four kids who lives down the block. Sometimes, when I’m around their kids I think, “Wow, they got four healthy kids….”

• I dread progress reports. I mean, yes, it’s great to see the progress, but it’s a big old bummer to see the non-progress.

• I’ve walked out of the house with Max only to realize his shoes are on the wrong feet…and he wears braces. Sigh.

• When I’m at a store or shop and see a disabled person working there, I sometimes wonder if that is what the future holds for Max.

• I am as glad as the kids are to veg out with a video because I COULD ALWAYS USE THE BREAK.

• I think I might like Toy Story more than they do. But I am definitely over Madagascar, and lied and told them the DVD broke.

• Even if I don’t understand what Max is saying, I nod and pretend like I do.

• I still cry in the shower sometimes.

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