Family Council

We started having family meetings two years ago. My three oldest children were all in at least one extracurricular activity and my husband was traveling quite a bit. Meals where everyone was present were only happening on the weekends and the constant coming and going had me feeling disconnected from them.

I began the Family Council to reconnect us and the first one was such a positive experience that we have had bi-monthly Family Councils from that day on.

Family Council has been a great way for us to communicate with each other about what is and isn’t working for our family without fear of punishment. It’s a time when our children can voice complaints, share concerns, and make proposals and feel like what they have to say matters.

We usually have Family Council on Sunday after dinner unless someone calls for an emergency council. I lead the council but once all the children are old enough we plan to rotate who gets to be the leader or secretary.

We begin our council by going around the table and saying something kind about each other. A timer is set for each family member to talk since the younger ones tend to not want to end their turn.

Once everyone has had a chance to talk we go back around and share whatever issues we are having with each other and formulate a plan to improve family life.

Everyone has a vote and every vote counts. No decisions or changes are made unless everyone agrees.

Family Council has been such a positive experience for my family. My children love having them and are learning important lessons about cooperation, sharing, listening, compassion, and problem solving.

Family Council keeps us connected.

How does your family stay connected?

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