Lapbooking, Baby


Lapbooking. Think file folder games……on steroids.

Whether you are trying to teach a pre-schooler their colors, or a high school student the effects of World War II, lapbooking has got you covered. A lapbook is a creative means of enhancing and creating a summery of what your child is learning.

The basics of lapbooking include file folders. Yup. Those typical manila folders. Or, if you prefer more pizazz, go for the more colorful and designer varieties. It’s all good.

To start out you will need to know how to fold and glue your file folders together to form the actual book. There are a million different, unique and crafty lapbooking designs, but let’s start out nice and easy, shall we?

Single Folder Lapbook

Double Lapbook

Here are some pictures of a Pumpkin lapbook I am working on to go along with Parker’s Pumpkin lesson. I choose to go with a double lapbook.

Because I am nothing if not insane…..uh….adventurous. Yeah. That’s it. Adventurous.

The Cover

The pumpkins on the side will be ‘counting pumpkins’. I plan on adding dots to represent each pumpkin and the place it holds.

The middle, blank pumpkin will be for Parker’s art project. He will be finger painting this pumpkin and then sprinkling it with orange glitter.

Yeah. That whole adventurous thing going on over here again.


On the far left hand page I will put up a picture of Parker with some pumpkins.

The middle orange pumpkin where Parker will put add eyes, ears, a nose, etc.

And on the sides of that are the pumpkins to go with the finger play, “One Little Pumpkin Happy…

“One Little Pumpkin Happy
One Little Pumpkin Sad
One Little Pumpkin Sleepy
One Little Pumpkin Mad

Chop them up, in pieces small,
in pumpkin pie they’re best of all!”


And on the back cover a poem.


I’ll be supplementing this lapbook with books about pumpkins, as well as a trip to the local pumpkin patch.

But I’m thinking that perhaps it may be a good idea to skip this experience this year.


Whadda ya think?

Now here is where I would usually load you up on all kinds of links to help you find all the really cool places for lapbooking stuff. But I’m going to let Jacque at The Home School Blog Awards handle that for me. She’s compiled a list of resources to warm you heart.

Because along with being a wee bit insane…..uh….I mean adventurous, I’m also lazy.

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