How do you handle those “when?” moments?


I’m having one of those days when the “whens” are on my mind. By that I mean:

When is Max going to regularly use both his hands?

When is he going to pick up more words?

When is Max going to toilet train?

When will he feed himself more regularly?

When will he dress himself?

When is the drooling going to ease up?

When, when, when, when, when.

Now, I recognize that this state of mind is not an entirely bad place to be, because if you ask “when” you sorta kinda assume that something IS going to happen. Back when Max was little, all of my questions involved the word “will”—will he walk? Will he talk at all? Will he be functional? So, I’ve made some progress. But those “whens” are a bitch.

The only thing that ever helps is to make some beneficial calls (today, I’m going to look into getting Max piano lessons) and do something silly with Max, like dance a crazy dance or play monster, because it distracts me, makes me laugh and forces me realize that no matter what, I have a happy kid.

How do you handle those when moments…or when days?

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