Happy Gotcha Day

My life is about to change drastically yet again. Next Tuesday, a young man named Ronnie, will become my fifth child.


Ronnie is fifteen years old. He has spina bifida, is paralyzed from the waist down, and is profoundly deaf. He also has the most beautiful smile in the world!

I decided about six months ago that I wanted to adopt another child. My other children are growing up, and some may be moving away soon. If you remember, I have a 19 year old birth son, a 19 year old adopted daughter, a 17 year old adopted son, and a 15 year old adopted daughter. My life just doesn’t seem complete without a bunch of kids around!

I had originally thought I would be adopting a younger child, and I specifically wanted a child that had been institutionalized. But that was not the path I was destined to follow. Ronnie fits beautifully into our family, and I feel this placement was meant to be before I even knew of his existence.

So, wish me luck – keep us in your prayers – and I’m sure I will be sharing some stories about Ronnie in the very near future!

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