21.3.10 Project

SEW will be back next week. There a beautiful little girl we all know and love in the hospital again. I know your prayers would be very appreciated!

Written by Lucille from Poppies Blooming

21.3.10 Project

21.3.10 Project

Every year on the 21st of March something wonderful occurs! The entire world comes together to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day! The date has been hand selected to honour the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome presented in Down Syndrome.

It is a day set aside to raise awareness and advocate for DS. The goal of WDSD is not just to raise awareness and advocate though, but also to break the misconceptions of life with DS and to support those living in our communities who have DS.

Reece’s Rainbow is honouring World Down Syndrome Day with the 21.3.10 Project! Reece’s Rainbow’s primary focus is to promote the international adoption and rescue of children with Down syndrome (and other special needs). But our ultimate goal is to be a catalyst for social change abroad. With every successful adoption, and now through our “Connecting the Rainbow” program, we hope to bring education and advocacy to those countries where people with disabilities are still left in orphanages and mental institutions.

With your help, one day there will no longer be a need for Reece’s Rainbow!

Until March 22, we’d like to ask everyone to CLICK HERE to use our 21.3.10 Project graphic everywhere you can! Save it to your hard drive, post it as your profile photo on Facebook, use it on your blogs, and/or purchase a shirt to wear proudly throughout the year! This is a great opportunity for parents, grandparents, siblings, students, self-advocates, ANYONE to show your support for people with Down syndrome, and to UNITE as a force for LIFE.

There are lots of brilliant things (shirts, journals, cups, tote bags, etc.) you can purchase with the 21.3.10 Project logo on them or just grab the logo from the Reece’s Rainbow Blog to use on anything you like!

**Wednesday may be the last day you can order your WDSD items and still receive them before the 21st but these are great items to have all throughout the year!
Kirill urgently needs a family

Kirill urgently needs a family

You can also sign up to be a 21.3.10 Warrior! Please click here for more on info on becoming a 21.3.10 WARRIOR for one special chosen orphan!
And you can still be a warrior for your chosen child throughout the year! I’m a warrior for the beautiful little girl in the photo up above, Vika!

Something I shared on my personal blog, I’d like to share here, as well…

The next time you see a person or child with DS, stop… take notice. That life is nothing short of a miracle. The termination rate for pregnancies with DS diagnosis is now up to 94%. That is staggering. So, not only are you seeing the blessing of a person with DS, [made closer to the image of God than the rest of us], you are seeing the miracle of a life that many are trying to completely eliminate… I believe, hand on heart, that the two points are most definitely related…
Thank you so much for your participation and love for these beautiful children! A very big thank you to 5 Minutes for Special Needs for giving me the opportunity to share about the 21.3.10 Project and World Down Syndrome Day!
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