Rolling Along, Just Faster

My son needs a new wheelchair. The one he brought from his foster home feels like it is going to just collapse in a heap at any moment. The brakes constantly need adjusting – it shimmies and shakes – the arm pads are way too close to the wheels – and I worry about my son tipping it over.

My son’s physical therapist has suggested a ‘sports wheelchair’. That sounds like something my son would like because it looks cool and it can go fast – two very important things to a 15 year old! But I have absolutely no experience with that type of chair.


Can they still be used for school bus transport?

The wheels sort of slant out. Will that make moving through a store or crowd harder?

The backs on all the ones I have seen on the Internet look really low. Are they really comfortable for someone who is in his chair 90% of the day?

Do you think my son’s school would have an issue with a sports chair versus a regular chair?

Are there any other things I should be concerned about, or questions I should ask either the wheelchair company or the physical therapist?

If any of you have a child in such a chair, or have done research and decided against a sports chair, I would love to hear your opinions. We’re meeting with the wheelchair folks this week, and I don’t want to make the wrong decision.

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