We are not alone.

As I was sitting on the floor next to the crib on the eve of Mother’s Day, watching my son struggle to breathe, I wondered how many millions of moms had been in that very spot before me. With me.

In how many homes, hospitals and bedrooms were we watching over our sick children?

I wondered how many silent prayers were being lifted up in the dark across the world at that very moment.

In a bedroom, next to the crib a mother was watching. Come, on. Breathe baby, breathe.

In a NICU a mother was praying. I’m here, just open your eyes.

In an ER a mother was worrying. This doesn’t look good. How much longer until we see the doctor?

At the scene of an accident a mother was crying. Don’t close your your eyes.

At a cemetery a mother was whispering. I will miss you forever.

In this amazing community of mothers we are blessed to share so much. So much heartache, so much joy, so much sorrow and so much love.

I may have been sitting there alone and worried, but I know I wasn’t.

Somewhere, there was a woman who had walked this path before me.

Janis chronicles Austin’s life and medical journey at Sneak Peek At Me. She is an advocate for medically fragile children and families living with a rare disease diagnosis.

photo/Michael Shake

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