And We Have A Schedule

One of the supports listed in my son’s IEP is the use of a visual schedule. Although it took almost two weeks, this is now in place and it is working beautifully. The SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist) actually made a different one for each of the five cycle days; here is one of them:

Each schedule is laminated and has a column to check off each activity as it is completed, using a wax crayon that can be wiped off later. And Michael’s favorite part is the extra column for writing in any changes for that day.

After seeing how much better things are going with the daily schedule in place, his SLP is recommending that each of the specials teachers give him a written mini-schedule when he enters their class. These would not be as fancy, of course, but I think they will really help him.

So even though the year got off to a bit of a rough start, we are definitely going in the right direction now. And as different situations arise, I am starting my wish list for next year. 🙂

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