Nighttime Rituals

My kids LOVE the hour that precedes their bedtime (though I must admit this wasn’t always the case). Why the enthusiasm? Because after the chaos of the day is done, there are three things to look forward to:

1.Rough-housing (or “soft-housing”, depending on their mood) with their dad and me. It’s a great way to play, unwind, and my daughter likes the sensory input. We each take turns being the tickle monster, and the kids genuinely enjoy it.

2.Kid-friendly music; singing and dancing along optional. I’ve mentioned in an earlier post how beneficial I think music is to kids, so we keep a lot of music on-hand for the kids. They Might Be Giants, Veggie Tales, Laurie Berkner…you name it, we have it. Sometimes we let the kids use my husband’s microphones, my hubby jams on the guitar and I get to be the cheering fan.

3.Story time. We take turns reading stories to each other, and we try to use some of the most outrageous voices we can. Lately the kids have been enjoying the book Duck for President, which I think is a fitting book since it’s an election year.

What is your child’s nighttime routine?

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