More 6 word memoirs from wise autism moms…


Autism, you’ve taught me a lot!

ecstatic/miserable, affectionate/distant, needy/defiant

Connect with your child (repeat indefinitely)

That shirt is way to scratchy

“It’s a little, you know, weird”

“I have Autism, I can help.”

Sleep? It is for other people.

Child doesn’t sleep; mother loses mind.

“No splashy my head wif water”

“I’ll NEVER let you be right!”

“I won’t let you pacify me!”

Hey, you heard me on purpose!

“I don’t wanna wear blue pants”

Use “typical” in place of “normal”.

Good childcare is hard to find.”

It is a BEAUTIFUL day outside”

-Sensory Issues Associated With Autism Spectrum-

Please help me to live and love.

Walmart makes my head spin.

perserveration, perserveration, perserveration, perserveration, perserveration, perserveration

OCD leading to anxiety and meltdowns.

“Why Wyatt? He’s a good kid.”

“It’s not just for breakfast anymore.”

“Wow, he’s on a medication vacation!”

Autism and All…He is Perfect.

“I’m 1st to get the cure”

Don’t smile at a Monkey.

“God bless you like you bless me.”

I’d rather ride the roller coaster!


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