Butterfly Spring

This was the Spring that my little caterpillar turned into a butterfly. My sweet Ashley, the child who in the past would get very anxious when venturing out in a crowd, now gets very bored staying home. On the weekends, she is adamant that we must “go car” as she signs in American Sign Language. And, one trip out a day is not enough. We must “go car” at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon.


This girl, who in the past didn’t relate well to people she didn’t know, now acts as if she has never met a stranger. She will greet and speak (sign) to almost everyone whose path we cross. She will ask acquaintances to play video games with her, and will horseplay with all the other kids in the pool. This girl, who seemed to never notice the fact that we have a dog and two cats living in the same house with us, will now let the cats sleep with her and will feed the dog ever so gently from the dining room table. This girl, who used to prefer toys, loud, obnoxious toys, now will spend hours looking at books or watching her favorite shows on TV. To me, having to look at TV or a book with one good eye less than an inch from the screen or page would be exhausting. Ashley doesn’t seem to mind.

And her clothes – articles of clothing which in the past only had to feel like a teeshirt – now must be exactly the right color on exactly the right day and paired with exactly the right accessories. Now a bath is not complete without some sort of bath product that bubbles, changes colors, and smells good. Hair product has become a staple and hand lotion must be applied meticulously. In short, she has turned into such a girly girl!

Perhaps it’s puberty – perhaps it’s developmental progress – perhaps it’s just Ashley being Ashley. But, it sure is fun to watch my little butterfly testing her new-found wings!

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