Phoning it in

It’s my first week back to 5MSN. Forgive me for my haste. I wanted to post something poignant about neuro-developmental learning but life got in the way.

My article goes up at 4 pm Eastern time. I’m on the west coast, so that’s 1 pm my time. Today is not working for me. Here’s my schedule for this morning:

9:45 Post-op appointment at ENT. It’s for me. I had nasal surgery and allergy testing 2 weeks ago.

11:00 OT for both girls.

11:15 Follow-up with my Internist. Last month, I had a strange reaction to a steroid shot that caused pancreatitis symptoms. My doc is in the build next door to therapy. Getting there is not a problem but if he is running late, I will be a late picking up the girls from therapy. My blood pressure is guaranteed to be elevated in this appointment.

Then I have to stop at the pharmacy and pick up prescriptions. The sun doesn’t shine if we don’t have our meds.

Pardon me as I scoot out. I need to get the little one dressed and the big one is still sleeping. Everyone needs their pills and I have to dig in the couch cushions for money to pay for this month’s round.

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