Battles not worth fighting?

“I’m ready,” said Matthew. He stood before me in a long sleeve plaid shirt, khaki pants and dress shoes.

It was 103%.

To top off the look, Matthew had cut his bangs too short and tried to hide the botch job with a semi-comb over. He had patches of toilet paper soaked in blood all over his face from shaving.

Matthew was of to sing karaoke at the local saloon with his dad, one of his favorite new activities.

“Matthew, I think you should change into shorts a a t-shirt,” I said, “It is very hot and you really don’t need to dress up.”

“I look good!” he argued. “I’ve been planning on wearing these clothes all week!”

I asked parents on my¬† facebook autism forum to tell me which battles they’ve given up fighting.

Mine is wardrobe choices.

b4 after

What are yours?


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