Another Day, Another Diagnosis

037Well, the day is almost here…

I wish I was more excited, but it’s not THAT kind of day that we’ve been waiting for.

For about a month now, we’ve been waiting for the July the 19th and Monday it will finally be here. This is the day we go to meet a new specialist. A pediatric bone specialist, because on top of rare renal disease, they now think my precious little man may have a rare bone disorder too.

For a month I’ve ignored the fears, questions and what-if’s that come with the possibility of yet another diagnosis. Surgery? Braces? Pain? Disability?

My husband and I know all to well, what comes after the diagnosis.

The recommendations. The decisions to make. The upside, the downside and every side in between. Instead of worrying about what we can’t control for the past month, we’ve been busy living our lives, playing with our little Toot and leaving matters in the hands of the Man upstairs.

Now Monday, the 19th of July is upon us and I know it’s time to answer a few questions and more than likely leave with many more.

As you start your week, please say a pray for my little one and my family as we prepare to face another diagnosis and again try to make the decision that is best for our little miracle.

Thanks so much!

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