The Love Nest

Being new to 5MSN, I wanted to introduce myself to you, in a way that brought you close to my…


I have no shame! That’s right, we are going straight to the master suite…the place where the magic happens!

5MSN 011 (Hey, I made the bed for the picture! That’s an accomplishment in and of itself!)

So, here we have the overview of the Love Nest. My husband and I sleep there, and so does our son Jack.

5MSN 007Here we have the tube feeding set up. Because nothing says you’re getting a good night of sleep like your child pulling a feeding tube out at 3 AM.

5MSN 004Next to the beds stands our tower of supplies.

You never know when you’re going to need Lysol, gloves, and wipes at a moment’s notice!

5MSN 005This is the big secret…and some of you may thank me for this bit of wisdom.

Know what that is?

It’s a Depend pad. Because… I got sick of changing bed linens three times a night! Insert Depend inside disposable or cloth diaper, and you have plenty of protection for the deluge of pee that flows from the kidneys during the night!

5MSN 016 Who needs a place in the closet for shoes, when you can have the Great Pyramid of PediaSure!?

I show you all this, not to be facetious. This is our life. Our daily business.

My  son needs protection. I am his Momma Bird. He is in his nest not sure how to make his wings work. I feed him, cuddle him, protect him, and keep him safe. When he stumbles, I scoop him up. When he cries, I wipe his tears. I fight off the badness of his world, in order to protect his heart and soul. I advocate for the betterment of his care.

This article sums up Special Needs Motherhood in a way very fitting of my point. This little bird, who adopted a baby bird that is five times its size, is working itself to exhaustion just feeding it.

So, no, my son sleeping 5 feet away with all sorts of noises constantly being heard in the night is not in the least bit disturbing to me.

We’ll stick to calling it the Love Nest.

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