Tiptoeing Around

Lately we have been tiptoeing around a new diagnosis. Frankly it’s driving me crazy because I keep getting dismissed.

You know how you know “something” is not quite right, call it your “mommy gut” kicking in. But all around you doctors and therapists purse their lips together and shake their heads. They have been shaking their heads about this one for about 2 years.

Finally this week his OT is admitting,  well he “might” have a “slight” problem. To me thats like being “a little pregnant”…either you are or you are not. There is no room for middle ground.

Ah, but there is.

When it comes to SPD there appears to be a lot of grey. I am not good at dealing with grey. I want to know who to call and how to solve this new problem. Stop it. Reverse it. Or at the very least, let’s please work together to diagnose it so we can move on from the grey area.

So for now we just call it an “issue”.

It appears that because of his age (almost 3) we are not going to worry about it until he starts school in the Fall. And by we, I mean the therapists. I get to do what I have been doing, keeping an eye on it while trying not to Google it and freak out.

And realistically, I know this is not a “freak out” situation, it’s not life or death…just something else to add to my plate of worries.

My plate is a little full at the moment, ya know with all the actual life or death stuff. Anyone interested in a helping? 😉

How do you deal with a new diagnosis?

Denial? Head on?

Janis chronicles her son’s medical journey at Sneak Peek At Me. She is an advocate for medically fragile children and families living with a rare disease diagnosis.

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