Oh, happy day

Here’s Max looking woeful as we were driving off a ferry yesterday. It was the first time we ever took the car on a boat, and we weren’t sure how he’d respond. Sometimes, he wigs out in new situations. But, no: Max looooooved it. So much so he wanted to stay on the boat. I think he would have gladly slept there, right in the lounge. Or in the car. Or on a deck chair. It wouldn’t have mattered to him.

We try not to center our excursions around Max’s sensitivities and needs, because if we did we’d end up at the same places again and again—he likes familiarity. But exposing him to new places is good for growing his intelligence, and keeping ourselves sane. It also means every outing is a crap shoot, as we’re never sure how Max will respond. Typically, initially he’s scared. When he first saw the ferry, he shook his head “no” and looked petrified. Then we coasted onto the boat and within minutes, he was trotting around everywhere.

We’ve learned, over the years, that it helps to get to places early before they fill up; it’s easier for Max to adjust when it’s quiet.
Sometimes, though, there’s no getting past the discomfort. We took him to a pro-league baseball game not long ago, and he just hated it. He cried and cried. Nothing would console him, not even the promise of ice-cream or a free softball someone gave us. We had to leave early.

How do your kids typically respond when you take them to new places? Have you learned any tricks over the years for helping them adjust?

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