Today’s Hero

Dear Soldier in Panera,

We were waiting to grab a bite of lunch. Of course, we made it “to-go”, because Jack doesn’t eat and hates being around food.

The line continued to grow, and you stepped in front of us to grab your order.

My son, who is completely enamored by the “pow-pow men” (otherwise known as soldiers),  grabbed your legs from his seat in the wheelchair. You almost fell.

I apologized profusely.

But you, YOU made me cry.

You removed your hat, placed your food back on the counter, and sat on the floor so you could talk to my son. You held his hand. You allowed him to touch your face, your hair, and your clothes.

The love between you two was so intense it almost brought me to my knees. But what you said…what you said, I will carry in my heart forever.

This guy is who we fight for-the future of our country…Besides, I’m a mom too!”

Thank you. Thank you for your selflessness. Thank you for spending 5 minutes with MY special needs kid. Thank you for sacrificing your role as Mom, so we can have the  freedoms  others only dream of.

You are my hero, and I will carry you in my heart and prayers for the rest of my life.



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