What’s The Word I’m Looking For?

How about shocked?




Better yet, is there a word that encompasses all of the above?

Because THAT would be the word I’m seeking right now.

Remember Parker’s vent? The one I had to don Army boots and do battle with my Home Health Care Company to get? I may have won that battle just to lose the war to my insurance company.

My insurance company who, for the second time, has denied our request to pay for this life saving piece of machinery.

This piece of durable medical equipment wasn’t requested for trivial reasons. It was requested because the old vent can’t handle Parker’s new settings. The new settings he needs to inflate his lungs wide enough to receive enough oxygen while he sleeps. The new vent works in a way that allows Parker to keep it on the entire night and during naps. That didn’t happen with the old vent.

I marvel when I hear parents talk about the millions of dollars their insurance companies have paid out for their children.

Parker’s policy taps out at one million dollars. Then he has no insurance. Even with Medicaid I worry about Parker’s future care. Medicaid doesn’t cover everything.

Like Parker’s new vent for example.

Many doctors in the state of Utah no longer accept Medicare. How long before they start to refuse Medicaid as well?

Hey, President Bush? Where’s our bailout? You are bailing out companies like AIG, who the very next day spend over FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS on a spa retreat to celebrate their coup.

How about sending some of that aid to families like ours? You know, families who have lived their entire lives being fiscally responsible.

$400,000 dollars of tax payer money went to a spa retreat. Think how many lives that money may well indeed have saved.

Pisses me off.

Hey! Maybe THAT’S the word I’m looking for.

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