The World Doesn’t Get It…

Recently, my husband applied for a new job. This job would have taken us out of our current situation (No family, no help, no children’s hospital unless we drive 3 hours…one way) to another state. This state currently holds all of our family, and most of our friends. Convenient, eh?

So, he interviewed. It went well. All signs were pointing to packing boxes and putting up a “for sale” sign!

Until he came home from work and told me they had given the job to someone else.

The thing is, we need this.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that no longer values the loyalty of employees or what the needs of the family are. We are the family that probably spends the most money on insurance yearly. We didn’t intend for that to be. It just is.

Years ago, a company would make sure that the family was happy and taken care of as well as just the business.

Years ago, an employee with 25 years of experience was looked at as a respected member of the company—not someone who is worth throwing out for new, fresh meat.

What has happened?

The problem is, when you have a child with complex medical needs, you need to have stability. We can’t move all around willy nilly. So what do we do?

(this is one of those times when I wish I was independently wealthy…)

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