Potty training: the saga continues

We have been trying to potty train Max for two-plus years now.

He does OK at school, because he is on a strict schedule; he’s on the potty every two to three hours.

He is going nowhere at home, partly because we have not been rigorous about a schedule on weekends. But he doesn’t even want to try, and he doesn’t seem to mind dirty diapers.

A purple potty training seat (his last favorite color) didn’t work. His favorite color is now brown; you’d think pooping in the potty might hold some appeal, but, no.

His new teacher at school asked if it’s possible Max doesn’t sense when he has to go. That’s a definite possibility I have to discuss with the neurologist.

Max is going to be 8 in a few months. I know, I know: he is on his own timeline. I have told myself that many times over the years. But I’m getting concerned.

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