Stand Up?

When it comes to my son, I want the best. I stopped counting the money we’ve put into therapies not covered by insurance–it’s too depressing. I buy him the fancy, organic food that I’m too cheap to buy for myself. He’s got an iPad for crying out loud.

I’ve taken a similar approach when it comes to doctors. If I don’t like the attitude of a professional, I move on. It’s my right to find the correct doctor or therapist and I’ll exercise that right as I see fit. I’m not firing people willy-nilly, but I sought a new speech therapist when we needed one, let our vision therapist go, and found a new opthamologist because I didn’t feel like I could communicate well with the one that was recommended.

I struggle with the free people, though. The people that are provided to us through the government in one way or another.

I’ve been on the other side of that particular equation. I know the strains put on your time and your energy.

I have trouble. Do I fight as hard as I should? I’m not sure. I recently had an issue at school with my son and I hemmed and hawed about going in to see the principal. I did everything I could to avoid having to confront the situation. Finally, my blog was actually the thing that forced the issue and the problem was worked out quickly and easily.

So I ask myself? Am I really fighting? Or am I scared to burn bridges? To be seen as “that mother?” And why am I so scared to be “that mother?”

They’re tough questions and I’m still figuring it out–how to get what Charlie needs and still satisfy my need to make people happy.

How about you guys? Are you pleasers or fighters–and how to you feel about it?

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