Wonder In The Pumpkin Patch


It isn’t often that we are able to load Parker up and go do something fun. But when the opportunities arise, I gotta tell ya, they are sheer magic.

Yesterday we took Parker to Farmer Grant’s. Farmer Grant hosts the local Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze for the teeny crowd. Totally stroller friendly.

Even more important is the Mom and Dad friendly corn maze.

Because it is downright embarrassing to have to use your cell phone to call for directions on how and the heck to get out of one of those things.

A very wise man that Farmer Grant.

Parker started signing “Go!” the minute we put him in his stroller. Life is nothing less than a grand adventure for our Brave Hero. His excitement is contagious.

We got to get up close and personal with all kinds of furry and feathered beasts. Ducks, turkeys, chickens and bunnies. It was such a treat to be able to point to a real live duck while I signed duck for Parker instead of only pointing to a picture.


But what I loved the most was Parker’s interaction with the other kids. While going nose to nose with a goat, another 4 year old came up to Parker and told him that it was okay, this goat could be petted.

And when Parker leaned over to reach out and hug this sweet child, his new friend just beamed and replied, “Yeah. Goats make me really happy too.”

My heart simply soared. In that moment I realized how Parker saw himself. A full fledged member of the Universal Tribe of Little Kids. He sees no difference between himself and anyone else.

And neither did the other 4 year old.

Two kids. Sharing the wonder of a real, live, and very smelly, goat.


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