The Birds and The Bees

My two children who have the most significant disabilities are both 15 years old. They are teenagers, and hormones are coursing through their bodies. I have tried diligently to provide the education they need to understand their bodies, understand their urges, understand their options, and most importantly, keep themselves safe.

But I don’t think I have done a very good job.

I found this article about how Indonesia is teaching sex education to children like my Ashley who are deaf and blind. I wish our school systems would consider a similar program for students with significant disabilities.

From kindergarten on in my school district, children receiving regular education services receive ‘family life’ education. For the youngest children, it’s about strangers and good/bad touches. As they children mature, topics such as male and female anatomy are added. Boys learn about girls and girls learn about boys. I like that. It is a good supplement to my home teaching on the same subjects.

But my children receiving special education services receive nothing in that regard.

Just last year, I accessed some Medicaid Waiver funds to purchase a sexual awareness curriculum for my oldest daughter. I offered it to my school district – they declined my offer.

Why is their resistance to teaching our children with significant disabilites about their bodies – about loving relationships – about keeping themselves safe?

What, if anything, is your school district doing to provide this type of information and education to students with disabilities? Would you like them to do something different, and if so, what?

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