It’s Almost Election Day.

On my Facebook page, I am pretty to the point as to how I feel about Parkers local legislative representative.

I think he stinks.

In all sorts of flavors.

He’s also the co-chair of Utah’s Health Human Services Committee. Which means he makes it a hobby to slash funding to Utah’s DSPD.

Oh, he talks the talk. He is nothing if not smooooth.

It the walk that trips him up, and where he shows his true colors.

We’ve had him to our home to try and give him an idea of what keeping a kid like Parker takes. Many parents of kids with special needs have done the same.

And while he says he gets it……and that he’s only after the fat and the waste……he lies.

Big time.

Unless, of course, you consider having a state strip away the Medicaid funding for the child with special needs you adopted from foster care, wasteful spending.


You read that right. At least 12 children adopted from foster care have been returned due to funding changes in Medicaid.

Foster kids with special needs who were adopted from out of the state of Utah’s foster care system are being returned as their Medicaid has been revoked and parents don’t have that extra $2,000 a month to meet the gap.

Now, let’s not confuse Medicaid Waivers (like the Travis C. Waiver Parker is on) with the general population Medicaid that is often and easily scammed.

But not usually by adopted kids with special needs, iykwim.

And let’s not even go into the cuts this same legislator made that resulted in trached kids losing their spot on the Travis C. Waiver in Utah.

Or that Parker’s spot on the waiver is in question for next year depending on how this same elected official decides to show his muscles during the 2011 legislative session.

It’s almost Election Day.

Do you know how YOUR local legislative representative votes in regards to those with special needs?

Now might be the time to find out.

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