Will you Vote?

I don’t know about you, but I’m about sick of the emails, phone calls, and television ads telling me who to vote for.

“Vote for Al—he’s better than Sandy!”

“Don’t vote for Sandy, she has a history of not paying her taxes, and she eats small children for lunch!”

However, as much as I want to ignore it all…I can’t.

Neither can you.

First of all, it is our right and responsibility to vote. We live in a country where we get to choose what happens in our government. Yes, I know—you’re only one vote. It doesn’t matter. That one vote gives you more power than you realize.

What’s that? You don’t like to wait in line? You don’t want to drag the kids out? Consider it a lesson! Teach your kids early the value of being a citizen! Besides, (at least here in Georgia) they’ll get a sticker!

Most importantly, though, is that we have a responsibility to our children to go vote.

If you are reading this, you are most likely the parent, caregiver, or general lover of special needs children. Do you know where your candidates stand on health care? Do you know where they stand on funding for special education?

Find out.

We have to protect our little people. They are not able to vote. They don’t understand the value of what the government may or may not ever do for them. We have to stand up and be counted for the sake of our kids.

Health care reform is going to touch us all in some way or another. Be educated. Be ready.

So, next Tuesday when you’d be spending time doing something else, take 5 Minutes for Special Needs and go vote!

(My daddy always told me to never discuss religion or politics in pleasant company. This post does not reflect my personal preferences in any way, and all candidates names are made up. For more on voting, and women’s rights, read this article! It’s fantastic!)

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