The Line?

Is there a magic line?

A line between being an advocate and going too far?

We know our child’s abilities. We know how they talk, what they feel, and what they need almost before they do. We can tell if they are getting sick by the color of their skin, or if they’re happy the minute they wake up in the morning.

We would do anything for our kids.

…can anything go too far?

What happens when our little’s get big? What happens if they want to go to college? Live alone?

What happens if my child wants to be a doctor?

On one hand, I could be the biggest advocate on the face of the earth! I could go to Harvard and explain to them all the reasons why they should accept my son in to their program! He would have an apartment close to his classes. I could buy the fanciest stethoscopes, lab coats, pencils, and books!

On the other hand, would I be setting my son up for failure?

Doctors need to have certain essential functions: lifting 25 or more pounds, dexterity, tenacity. Doctors need to be able to assess a situation and react appropriately…

Personally, I feel like our responsibility is to raise our children—special needs or not—to be happy, respectful, and kind. If they are smart and driven for success along the way, that is just a big bonus!

While I would love to see Jack become President, I am also a realist—that’s not going to happen.

He’s also probably not going to be a chef, a doctor, or a lawyer.

So, is there a line?

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