Equipment. !

We’ve been waiting since the beginning of July for a piece of equipment to be approved by medicaid. 


Today I called to check on it. I know I probably should have done it earlier, but really it’s not unusual to wait for this company. To get my son’s Wheelchair it took 9 months…it honestly did feel like giving birth once it came. This past summer we had been waiting on the replacement seating…that took 7 months. It was the first replacement seating that was ordered in the 2-1/2 years that he’s had his chair. 

So in June the makers of the Kidwalk came in to educate the therapists at our Children’s Hospital in regards to this piece of equipment. In this picture you see a 5 year old, who is a quadraplegic, I’m having proud moment I watch him do a demonstration of the equipment. He was performing on demand. It was BEAUTIFUL…and there were lots of pictures, movies and tears. He even turned it himself. In my mind, I’m seeing my baby walk like he hasn’t done since we started Botox injections 3 years prior. So when they said that medicaid was covering this piece of equipment, I said lets do the paperwork before they change their minds. 

 Today, I found out that the equipment we’ve been waiting for, hasn’t even been ordered or sent for predetermination to medicaid. They say they haven’t had anything from our Physical Therapist. She says there are status reports that come monthly, but he hasn’t been on the last couple. Ever been frustrated to the point of crying over a piece of equipment that you know could be life changing and now they say it’s no longer covered. At least we have pictures!

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